System Identification and Control Design of 18 Wheeled Truck

Published in Texas A&M University, Mechanical Engineering, 2018

This project work was done under the guidance of Prof. Srikanth Saripalli in Unmanned Systems Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University. It was under TAMU-IITK Exchange Program for Summer’18 (Halliburton Engineering Global Programs Scholarship).

Truck_18 Truck without trailer used in research (Photo taken from Unmanned Systems Lab Page)

Project Description

The objective was to design longitudinal and lateral control for a 18 wheel truck through design of experiments and using system identification methods. A second-order transfer function model was obtained at various speed ranges through input-output modeling which was validated through additional experiments. A PID throttle control and Stanley control for steering was implemented and later tested in real-time, for fine-tuning the control gains.

Project Report

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