Course Projects


This section includes all major projects done in Graduate level courses.

  1. Formal Methods in Robotics and Automation
    • Multi-Robot Motion Planning
      • Generated the optimal path using SAT and SMT based solver for multi robot motion planning with constraints
      • Implemented motion planner for multi robot using NuSMV model checker
      • Presented a paper on Sampling Based Motion Planning, a geometry-based, multilayered synergistic approach which involved LTL formula based temporal goals
  2. Autonomous navigation
    • Landing of a VTOL UAV on a Vertically Oscillating Platform
      • Designed a control structure that could achieve fast, safe and precise landing of a VTOL UAV onto a vertically oscillating landing pad
      • Implemented motion estimation of the system using Unscented Kalman Filter
      • Implemented a PID controller to track the generated time-optimal reference trajectory considering all motion constraints
  3. Rail Road Vehicle Dynamics
    • Rail Vehicle Stability
      • Lateral Dynamics - With given track – wheel geometry, contact patch co-ordinates were determined as a function of lateral perturbation by solving the kinematic equations. With geometry as input, equations of motion were solved iteratively on Matlab to get forces at each time step and further estimate critical speed of stability
      • Longitudinal Dynamics – Observed the response characteristics of the model of a railway coupler by varying source frequency, spring stiffness, draft gear friction and coupler slack
      • Software Modeling – Developed a model of rail-wheel pair in Simpack, and observed the motion in a straight track, by varying the wheel positions
  4. Basics of Modern control
    • Nonlinear Feedback Control for Autonomous Vehicles
      • Implemented the research paper, ‘Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for Path Following of Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Autonomous Ground Vehicles’(AGVs’)
      • Investigated the path-following control problem for AGVs through integrated control of active front-wheel steering and direct yaw-moment control
      • Applied modified composite non-linear feedback strategy to improve the transient performance and eliminate the steady-state errors in path-following control
  5. Vibration of Continuous Systems
    • Nonlinear Control of Flexible Manipulators
      • Designed a strain feedback nonlinear control for joint-PD controlled single-link flexible manipulator to improve tip regulation performance
      • Solved the modal problem for a beam with tip mass and base moment for first four modes
      • Simulated the PD controller and nonlinear strain feedback controller for various gains in MATLAB
  6. Virtual Instrumentation
    • Modal Testing and Analysis Software
      • Developed a GUI-based software for Modal Testing and Analysis using LabVIEW
      • Performed frequency analysis and system identification using DAQ and Signal Processing tools